Affordable Family Storage: How to Store Shoes Short-Term and Long-Term

January 22, 2019

Organized wardrobe of shoe storage

Tips for Storing Shoes

Whether purchased for personal or professional reasons, footwear has a big impact on your daily life. Because you’ve invested carefully in your shoe selection, it’s wise to take care of them and store them in a storage unit for ideal protection.

In today’s blog, the team at Affordable Family Storage in Omaha discusses how to clean, organize, and store your shoes for both short-term and long-term storage. Follow these storage tips to preserve your shoes’ quality without occupying too much space.

Clean Your Shoes

Even the shoes you save for special occasions can get dirty. Prepare for storage by first removing dirt with a soft brush. Dip a sponge into warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent. Wipe your shoes clean, dry them with a towel, and then let them air dry. Another option is to run your sneakers on a gentle, cold water cycle in the washing machine, along with towels or blankets. Apply leather conditioner to leather soles and uppers. For satin shoes, wipe with a dry cloth then follow with a wet cloth. Let these shoes air dry as well.

Stuff and Wrap Them

Whether you’re preparing for moderate or long-term storage, it’s better to use acid-free tissue paper than newsprint to stuff your shoes. The absorbent acid-free material helps shoes maintain their proper moisture level while also protecting them from dust and dirt. If you run out of paper, you can use unbleached muslin fabric to fill boots and thick leather shoes. Then, wrap your filled shoes with acid-free paper before putting them in their storage containers or boxes.

Shoe Organizers: Boxes, Racks or Trees?

From wire racks to boxes to custom cabinets, you have a few options when it comes to specialized shoe storage. When deciding on these options, think about whether you need short-term or long-term storage.  

Storage Boxes

Sunlight, dust, and temperature extremes can deplete the flexibility of your leather shoes. Storage boxes protect your shoes from these variables. They also preserve your delicate leather, cork, and other organic materials.

Shoe Racks and Cabinets

A rack or cabinet is good for regularly worn shoes. The rack’s open front allows air to circulate around your shoes while keeping dust from accumulating. Shoe racks can be placed in a garage to allow easy access for family members.  

Shoe Trees

To help your shoes hold their shape, consider purchasing a shoe tree (or shoe shaper). Shoe trees are best for running shoes, flats, and other casual footwear because anything that fits inside the shoe can stretch the leather and fabric uppers over time. You can switch the way you hang your shoes to help preserve their shape.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Climate Control is Mandatory

Humidity and temperature extremes will ruin a sneaker. Choose a self-storage unit with climate control for the ideal treatment of your shoes.

Choose Affordable Family Storage for Your Shoes

Storing shoes correctly helps keep their shape and prevents cracking, fading, and mold. Affordable Family Storage has the climate-controlled storage unit that you need for your shoes. Contact us today to discuss storage options. We look forward to hearing from you.

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