Affordable Family Storage: History Of Council Bluffs

May 9, 2018

Affordable Family Storage Tells The History Of Council Bluffs

Affordable Family Storage tells the history of Council Bluffs

For those who live in Council Bluffs, we know that our city is rich with history. Officially renamed Council Bluffs in 1852, this town has a history that has played a part in several major events and transitions throughout the course of American history, including the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush and the beginning of the railroad era.


The identity of our town is an important part of our business, and in today’s blog post, Affordable Family Storage will walk through some of what made Council Bluffs what it is today.


Originally founded as Kanesville by a community of Latter-day Saints, we can trace the settlement roots of Council Bluffs back to 1846, officially becoming Kanesville in 1848. The town was named after Thomas L. Kane, an abolitionist who negotiated in Washington D.C. for permission to use the land along the Missouri River for a winter camp.


Kanesville became the main starting point as an influx of Latter-day Saints journeyed to Utah. For this reason, Council Bluffs is home to the historic head end of the Mormon Trail.

Renamed Council Bluffs

In 1852, Kanesville was renamed Council Bluffs and was a major outfitting point for gold rushers along the Missouri River. The greatest historical achievement of the town came in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln made Council Bluffs the official starting point of the transcontinental railroad that would usher the United States into the railroad era. The railroad was completed in 1869 and the connection to Council Bluffs was completed in 1872.

A Growing Metropolitan Area

As Council Bluffs continued to grow alongside Omaha, the surrounding area became one of the faster growing metropolitan areas in the Midwest. As of 2010, Council Bluffs and the neighboring Omaha was part of the 60th largest metro area in the United States with nearly one million residents. Our town is marked by several distinct neighborhoods, some new and some historic.


One such neighborhood is Casino Row, located near the Missouri River. It is the entertainment hub of the city. Then there is the historic downtown Council Bluffs, which contains several buildings aging over 150 years old. Affordable Family Storage is conveniently located right off I-8, making our facility accessible to residents of Council Bluffs and the surrounding area.

Affordable Family Storage Takes Pride In Our Town

At Affordable Family Storage, we understand how important the relationship between company and customer is. We also understand how loved our city is and we strive to be as committed and invested in Council Bluffs as we possibly can. We do that by providing tenants with affordable storage solutions.

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