Affordable Family Storage Gives Five Reasons Why You Should Use AutoPay

April 21, 2018

Affordable Family Storage: Five Reasons Why You Should Use AutoPay

Woman using AutoPay at Affordable Family Storage

For some, the technological boom of the last several decades was unwanted. The nostalgia of phones with chords and letters that aren’t sent virtually can bring up a number of emotions in people. However, one of the most helpful things to come out of the tech boom is the emergence of automatic bill payments.

Rather than having to write a check, you can now set up your accounts to pull money automatically for certain bills. This ensures that you won’t forget about bills, and it’s just more convenient than writing a check and delivering it to the recipient. In today’s blog post, Affordable Family Storage will give you five reasons why you should use our AutoPay system

  1. It’s Convenient

While the rest of the reasons on this list are more pressing, the convenience shouldn’t be overlooked. With AutoPay, you can schedule payments for your storage unit, make payments on the spot, or look at your current rentals, all with the click of a button. Rather than writing out a check and driving to Affordable Family Storage or giving your credit card information over the phone, AutoPay allows you to pay for your unit from the comfort of your home.

  1. It’s Secure

One reason why people were skeptical of AutoPay early on was due to security issues. However, as the technology developed, this became less and less of an issue. At Affordable Family Storage, we are able to guarantee that your information and your money is safe and going only towards your storage unit. We do this through an advanced login system that includes security questions as well as the security of the portal itself. You won’t have to worry about where your money is going with Affordable Family Storage.

  1. It Helps Your Credit Score

This is a little-known fact, but using AutoPay helps your credit score! Well, kind of. As many of you know, the single biggest factor for the health of your credit score is your payment history. With AutoPay, you are guaranteed to never be late for a payment. And according to FICO reports, negative marks on your credit history will begin to fade away as your clean payment history gets longer and longer.

  1. It’s Forget-Proof

On that note, AutoPay protects procrastinators and forgetters alike. For those of us who struggle to keep dates aligned and bills arranged, AutoPay will all but get rid of the consequences. You can pay your Affordable Family Storage bill without even knowing it and if you forget about it, you won’t have to worry: AutoPay has your back.

  1. It’s Free

This is what makes AutoPay a no-brainer. In almost every circumstance, automatic bill programs are free and in some cases, companies will even give discounts for using the program. Why wouldn’t a company charge someone for a convenient service? Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Well, when it comes to billing, companies want you to pay them. And for most, they will try to make it as easy as possible, both for your sake and theirs.

Use AutoPay With Affordable Family Storage

Affordable Family Storage strives to make the lives of our customers easier and their storage solutions more convenient. AutoPay does both of those things. For more information on AutoPay, give Affordable Family Storage a call today at (402) 810-8881.


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