Affordable Family Storage: Dealing with Weather When Making a Move

July 25, 2018

Truck Tire Rain Weather


At Affordable Family Storage, we are happy to point out that there are certain times of the year when making a big move can be easy and even pleasant. Sunny spring days are good for moving, with warm, but not too-warm, temperatures and cloudy skies with no rain in the forecast. Cool days in Fall are good for moving as well, with moderate temperatures, easy breezes, and minimal chances of rain. If you are able to plan ahead for your major moving day, choose times of year when the weather will be your friend. Read on for moving day solutions for adverse weather conditions from Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines.

Winter Weather and Icy Conditions

While there are times of the year when the weather is pleasant, other times of year are less enjoyable for your move. Winter weather can be unpleasant or even dangerous for a move, with an increased risk of slipping on ice when carrying boxes, or even a car accident while transporting items. If possible, avoid winter weather moves, and consult your weather forecast carefully.


At Affordable Family Storage, your safety is our priority. So if you must move during winter weather, take it slowly, wear safety equipment, and avoid icy conditions if at all possible. Consider hiring a professional moving company for winter weather moves, especially if you will need to operate a vehicle for transporting items.

Summer Sun and Hot Temperatures

Summer weather can be troublesome for moving, with high heat and scorching sunlight, heavy lifting for hours on end can take a serious physical toll, even resulting in heat stroke. When you simply must move on a hot summer day, drink plenty of fluids and try to do your heaviest lifting in the early morning or late evening when it is cooler. If it’s bright and sunny, make sure to wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Make sure to take frequent breaks, and plan ahead for these breaks in your moving schedule.

Storage Solutions for Year-Round Moving

No matter the time of year, keep an eye on the forecast. Wind, snow, rain and heat can all make your moving day difficult, so plan ahead and choose storage units with great amenities. At Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines, we offer the best of both worlds, with indoor access to your storage unit (so weather won’t impact your move), and drive-up storage unit access (so unloading is a breeze).

Customers Come First at Affordable Family Storage

At Affordable Family Storage, our number one priority is our customers. We want every customer to have a safe and enjoyable experience when they visit our facilities. That’s why we offer helpful advice, excellent features at our facilities, and customer service that can’t be beaten! Contact us today to see how we can help!

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