A New Trend in Personal Gyms: Self-Storage Units

August 1, 2018

couple working out in personal gym storage unit


Personal gyms in self-storage units have become quite a trend in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. They offer people a creative alternative to home gyms and a flexibility that you just can’t find at a commercial gym. Some people are even opening up their self-storage unit gyms to the public, establishing businesses by providing personal training and memberships to those who want it.


This kind of personalized gym experience amid all the commercialized craziness is exactly why these storage unit gyms have quickly risen in popularity. If you are considering starting a self-storage unit gym or just relocating your home gym, always check with your storage unit facility to make sure it is allowed first.

Self Storage Units offer Privacy

One major reason people are so hyped up on personal gyms in self-storage units is for the privacy it offers. Even more secluded than a spare room or garage, this personal gym option allows you the chance to get away and still be alone. No loud kids in the next room at home and no terrible pop music playing through any speakers (unless you like that kind of thing). In a private storage unit, you can yell, grunt, and sweat all you want without having to consider those around you.


Also, the privacy offered by a self-storage unit gym can help protect your expensive equipment and clear up space in your home. Most storage facilities offer security cameras, lights for nighttime access, and a secure fence around the facility to deter vandals and thieves. So you can focus on your progress and know that you and your equipment are safe and secure.

Self-Storage Units are Customizable

Self-storage units are completely customizable! You can make yours as personalized as you want or as basic as you need. If you don’t need or want the spa treatment offered at commercial gyms, why pay for it? Place some matting down for your equipment, hook up some fans, and get to work. If you have more equipment than you thought, there are plenty of self-storage unit size options available for you to arrange and design to match the flow of your workout routine.


When renting a storage unit, you also have the option for climate control. Make this decision based off where you live and what you need in a personal gym. If you reside in the south, that summer humidity and heat will affect your equipment and your workout. Up in the north, working out in the dead of winter may not be a fun time. It’s important to consider these factors so that there are no obstacles in your way.

Affordable Family Storage

Clearly, having a personal gym in a storage unit is a trend that’s still gaining momentum. For whatever purpose you need, self-storage units are a private and convenient alternative. Affordable Family Storage in Billings, MO has a variety of unit options in many different sizes. Come discover more about how Affordable Family Storage can make your self-storage unit project hassle-free.

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