5 Items That Are Best Stored in Climate-Controlled Storage

February 19, 2018

Wine bottles ready for climate-controlled storage

5 Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage

A self-storage unit can come in handy for anyone planning a move, traveling, or just looking to declutter their home. However, there is more to storage than simply finding a room with a lock to cram all your belongings into. One of the most overlooked aspects when finding a storage unit is whether climate-controlled storage is offered at your preferred facility. Many regular household items call for specific temperature and humidity levels to remain in good condition. Regulating temperature and preventing humidity fluctuations can make a world of difference when storing certain items. Today, Affordable Family Storage will discuss the top five items that most need to be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Top Five Items You Should Store in a climate-controlled Storage Unit

  1. Electronics - Whether it is a TV, computer, or kitchen appliance it is extremely important to store them in a climate-controlled storage facility. One of the quickest ways to destroy an electronic device is to get it wet. Humidity fluctuations can cause your electronics to become damp and will potentially ruin your expensive devices.

  2. Furniture - This is most critical if your furniture is made of leather or wood. Humidity can warp and crack wood and destroy the integrity of your furniture. Leather is susceptible to changes in humidity as well, as moisture can discolor or even cause mildew to form on your leather.

  3. Wine - Fluctuating temperatures can cause wine to oxidize, giving it a bitter or metallic taste. If you have invested in a wine collection and want to retain the integrity of your wine it is best to store it in a climate-controlled storage unit.

  4. Musical Instruments - The vast majority of musical instruments are very sensitive to humidity. From pianos to guitars to woodwinds, small changes brought about by warping or humidity can drastically change the sound of the instrument. Worse, many musical instruments can be rendered unplayable by major humidity damage. It is best to be safe and find a climate-controlled storage facility for any musical instruments you would like to store.

  5. Valuable Collections - If you have a collection that means a lot to you it is important to make sure that it is not destroyed or damaged in storage. Whether it is comic books, stamps, or baseball cards humidity will damage your collection quickly without climate control.

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