5 Helpful Storage Unit Safety Tips

June 29, 2018


One of the most frequent questions people ask us is, “How can I ensure my belongings stay safe in a storage unit?” It makes sense, just because people are not currently using their items does not mean they aren’t important to them. Placing your belongings in a storage unit requires that you trust the storage facility has the means to keep your items safe. At Affordable Family Storage, we understand how important your items are to you. We would like to share these 5 tips you should follow to ensure that your items remain safe while in storage.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Belongings Safe in a Storage Unit

  • Choose a storage facility with additional security. There are many different layers of security you should check for when searching for a place to store your belongings. Does the facility offer 24-hour security? Is there video surveillance? Pay attention to these details when you choose your storage unit facility, to ensure your items remain as safe as possible.

  • Select a storage unit that offers climate-control and environmental protection. Storage units that are not climate-controlled will expose your belongings to extreme temperature changes as well as humidity. Many problems can arise because of environmental issues, so it is often a good idea to simply choose a storage unit with climate control.

  • Purchase a strong, solid lock for your storage unit. Most storage facilities recommend you choose a lock that is sturdy enough to stand-up to bolt cutters. This is often the last line of defense for your storage unit, so don’t skimp on a cheap lock.

  • Choose a storage unit facility that offers insurance. If you plan on storing high-value items it may be a good idea to invest in storage unit insurance. It can also be a good idea to see if your homeowner’s insurance covers off-site items in storage. This will ensure that if a worst-case scenario occurs and your items are damaged or stolen, you have some financial protection.

  • Keep an extensive list of all of the items you place in your storage unit. This step is overlooked far too often. We recommend not only writing down exactly what you place in your unit but also creating a diagram to let you know exactly where you have everything stored. Most importantly this will also be an important step if you need to make an insurance claim.

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