Springfield self-storage

Affordable Family Storage wants to be your choice for self-storage in Springfield, MO! We have locations all around the heart of Springfield, so no matter what your self-storage needs are, you can access your storage unit within just a few minutes no matter where you live or work in the city!

Our nearby self-storage locations that are easily accessible from your home or office make it easier than ever to store your important items where they are safe, dry, and out of the way! The locations that serve Springfield are the following:

• Billings – This location, southwest of Springfield, is conveniently near several big-name businesses, yet it’s extremely easy to access.

Affordable Family Storage 110 White Rock Lane Billings, MO 65610

• Brookline – The Brookline location has a cool 24-hour kiosk, just west of the city, which makes it easy to rent a unit any time of the day or night.

Affordable Family Storage- Brookline/East Republic 6625 W. US Hwy 60 Brookline, MO 65619

• Republic – This unit is southwest of Springfield, just out of town on Highway 60, and it provides easy access to the James River.

Affordable Family Storage - Republic 118 W. North Street Republic, MO 65738

• Ozark – South of Springfield, you’ll find the Ozark location, which offers unlimited access and temperature-controlled units. 

Affordable Family Storage 601 E. South Street Ozark, MO 65721

Springfield, in the heart of the Ozarks, is an amazing place to live. There is no shortage of theaters, concert venues, wineries, breweries, historic sites, monuments, and spas – all wonderful places to relax and enjoy. It’s no wonder that the Springfield community is growing!

Because of Springfield’s unique location, residents here get the best of both worlds: on the one hand, they have super modern shopping and dining opportunities, but on the other, there are limitless outdoor adventures awaiting you as well!

Springfield Self-Storage is Perfect for your Outdoor Sports Equipment!

You can’t live in Springfield, MO without taking part in the abundance of outdoor activities that the area has to offer, and for most of those activities, you’ll need the right equipment! And that’s where Affordable Family Storage can help. We offer self-storage Springfield, MO can’t beat!

When you have large sporting equipment, you will need somewhere to store it when you aren’t using it. Keeping it at your house is an option, but for most people, storage space at home is at a premium, so it just doesn’t make sense to eat up that space with items you only use on the weekends or even less frequently.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find Springfield self storage that was dependable and convenient? Now you have! Affordable Family Storage offers climate controlled storage in Springfield for residents of the city and those living in the suburbs and outskirts as well.

Here’s the best part: Our storage facilities are much more convenient than the other guys’ because they aren’t in downtown Springfield, where things can get extremely congested. Instead, these Springfield, MO mini storage units are located conveniently around the city. This means that you can swing by your unit on your way out of town and grab your gear before arriving at your destination. Then you can drop it back off again on your way back home!

Here are just a few of the great things you can do in the great outdoors here in beautiful Springfield, MO that requires special equipment – equipment you can conveniently store in a Springfield self-storage facility:

• Guided Fishing – Companies like Captain B’s Fishing Guide Service will allow guests to schedule guided trips to Table Rock Lake, Taneycomo Lake, Stockton Lake. Their services encompass the Harry S. Truman Reservoir, all of Branson’s waterways, and the entire greater Ozark area!

• Independent Fishing – To have a different fishing experience, try Mountain Springs Trout Park, where Rainbow Trout fishing, in king! You can bring lunch and enjoy a picnic at your leisure. No license is required, and there’s no limit. You simply pay for what you’ve caught at the end of the day.

• Biking – Mountain biking reigns supreme at Two Rivers Mountain Bike Park, with rock features, curved walls and other stunt props that are specifically designed for mountain bikers. But with over 14 miles of trails winding through the Ozarks, the trails are also perfect for runners and hikers.

• Canoeing and Kayaking – Places like Lake Springfield Park, Boathouse and Marina offer canoe and kayak rentals, or you can bring your own for adventure on the James River Linear Park Water Trail.

• Archery – The Davis House/Archery Complex is a unique center where anyone, of any skill level, can learn archery and compete with a chance to participate in world events.

• Golf – Springfield offers several distinct golf courses including Springfield Golf Course, Twin Oaks Country Club, and Deer Lake Golf Course.

• Off-roading – A relatively new pastime in Springfield, off-roading appeals to more and more outdoor lovers every year. Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch in nearby Seymour, MO caters to ATVs and other off-road vehicles with new trails being developed constantly.

With so many outdoor activities available within just minutes of your home, it’s a good idea to look into climate controlled storage in Springfield in order to keep your fishing, biking or archery equipment safe and dry.

Are you one of those people who has so much stuff packed in the garage that there’s no longer any room for your cars?? Don’t be embarrassed! When you spend a chunk of change on a boat or some other weekend toy, you want to take care of it! For those big items – ATVs, canoes, and kayaks, for example – Springfield self-storage is the perfect solution!

Springfield Self-Storage is Great for Everyone!

Not really an outdoor enthusiast? It doesn’t matter whether you are or not, because Affordable Family Storage can still benefit you, your business, and your family more than you realize! Storing sports equipment is just one way that our services work for the people of Springfield.

Here are a few of the other

Antiques Collectors

Those who love collecting antiques, a climate-controlled self-storage unit can be a huge benefit. Affordable Family Storage has units of all sizes, so whether you collect classic cars and motorcycles or fine china and porcelain figurines, we have a unit that can accommodate your precious, valuable items. If you are an antiques dealer, it’s a huge plus to be able to access your Springfield MO self-storage unit any time, even during the afternoon or evening!

Home Overflow

When the furniture in your home expands, but your home does not, you’ll need a place to put all the extra furniture that you’re not quite ready to give away or yard sale. Affordable Family Storage has the best self storage Springfield MO has to offer! Our units in Billings, Brookline, Republic and Ozark are convenient for all Springfield residents. So if you’ve inherited some beautiful furniture but you don’t have the space for it yet, let us store it for you! We can also be a huge help if you are moving and need a place to store your stuff until your new place is ready. Churches and non-profit organizations can also find a Springfield MO mini storage unit to help them with extra furniture, books, donated items, or anything else that may be in the way!


Businesses of all sizes should consider self-storage in Springfield MO. Affordable Family Storage can be your off-site storage solution for office supplies to keep things uncluttered at the office. Getting a great deal on paper, a piece of office furniture, or raw materials is a victory for any business owner, but then you have to find a place to store your amazing find. Climate controlled storage in Springfield will keep your business-related items safe and dry until you need them. Businesses can also store surplus inventory with us, only keeping on hand what they absolutely need. This is a good way to maximize space in a small office, and you can keep customers coming back to see what’s new as you restock.

We put the affordable in Affordable Family Storage!

You may be sold on the benefits of a self-storage unit for your personal or business needs, but you – like many people – probably think that it’s an extra expense that isn’t worth the money. A lot of our first-time renters have that attitude, but their minds are quickly changed when the see the value that a Springfield MO self storage facility can add to their home or business.

It’s a relief to keep your living space free and clear so that you can relax and enjoy those areas…or to keep your workplace uncluttered to boost productivity. These aren’t measurable in dollars, but they are invaluable! Also, the cost of a storage unit depends on the size. You don’t have to rent the biggest one we have! We’ll help you choose the perfect size unit for your needs. You, like the majority of our current customers, will be amazed at how inexpensive a self-storage unit near Springfield MO can be!

If you want to shop around for the perfect storage solution, be our guest! There are literally hundreds of creative ways to store your belongings, but if you want to cut to the chase – to get the very best self storage Springfield MO residents can find – then call Affordable Family Storage today! 


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